HIS AND HERS with Gemaén Jordan Taylor + Nadia Omar

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There is nothing worse than being asked to partner someone to an event and you have no clue on what to wear. Whether it is a friend, potential partner or actual partner (lucky you) it is imperative to match your date.  Now the term match does not mean showing up in identical outfits. Identical outfits should be left for kids and twins. Matching as a couple is more geared towards dressing well as a unit. Why match you ask? When two people go out together or are seen in public functions it is important to appear coordinated. Co-ordination not only helps you look better but it has the ability to enhance your entire outfit.

Gemaén Jordan Taylor, Nadia Omar

Gemaén Jordan Taylor, Nadia Omar.

Got to rub some outfits and tips with trendy Nadia Omar – From Where To Wear

Gemaén Jordan Taylor, Nadia Omar


• Dress accordingly at about the same level of formality. To do that you want to take a look at how your partner is dressing and attempt to be cohesive with him/her.

• Compliment each other, do not clash. Ask your date what he/she may be wearing and subtly mirror their image. This will bring out both your outfits and you’ll look great in pictures.

• Remain true to your personal style. Always add your own touches to your outfit that will individualize your look – while you may be a couple, you are separate entities. Also you do not want to be strapped to your partner the entire evening, thus your look should appear whole even when you’re alone.

• If you have been asked to be someone’s date to an event such as a work function, allow them to set the tone. Let’s not be difficult here, whatever level of formality, style or genre they dress at is what you should aim for. Also, you are a sort of mobile accessory; allow your partner to really shine, there is no need to outdo them.

• Lastly, have fun with it. Getting dressed is much like happy relationship, it should be a stress free zone. Simply play off their look; incorporate a little bit of their style into your closet and you’ll nail it.

Photo 2015-07-28, 9 29 59 PM

Photo 2015-07-28, 9 34 18 PM

Photo 2015-07-28, 9 33 58 PM







Photo 2015-07-28, 9 37 57 PM

Photo 2015-07-28, 9 41 46 PM

Photo 2015-07-28, 9 35 22 PM

Photo 2015-07-21, 12 20 22 AM

Photo 2015-07-21, 12 19 23 AM





Photo 2015-07-21, 12 08 32 AM

Photo 2015-07-28, 9 52 30 PM

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Happy dressing.


All Black Outfit – Look 1

Gemaén Jordan Taylor – (LA boutique; Blazer, CottonOn; long length t-shirt , Topshop, black skinny jeans, Markhams; black leather chelsea shoes , Lanco; gold watch.

Nadia Omar – (Top – Woolworths; skirt – CottonOn, cap – Factory, socks – Lamoda, platforms – Lamoda)



Polka Dot & black Casual Outfit – Look 2

Gemaén Jordan Taylor – (Jacket – Truworths Man, long length zipper t-shirt – Markhams, ripped black jeans Mr Price, Boots – Caterpillar-.

Nadia Omar – (Shirt – Woolworths, gilet – Mr Price, dungaree – Mr Price, sneakers – New Balance at 32 Clothing)


Army Touch Outfit – Look 3

Gemaén Jordan Taylor – (Brown coat – Markhams, Scarf – Woolworths, Oak Yellow Jersey – Mr Price, Brown Chelsea Boots – Markhams)

Nadia Omar – (Top – Mr Price menswear, Parker – 32 Clothing, coined necklace – Lovisa, thigh high boots – Lamoda, sunnies – Mr Price)



Photography: Doctor Sive @TheSivu

Follow:         Nadia Omar  fromwheretowear.tumblr.com.

Instagram:   @FromWhereToWear

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