Street Dressed


Gemaén Jordan Taylor


You know when you just want to enjoy a chilled day out where you don’t want to put too much effort in the way you look; but still you really just want to look good?

We all find ourselves in those situations at times, it just makes things so easier when you have your favorite item of clothing – like my English Bloke hand made t-shirts, easy to dress and its quality material makes it even more comfortable.

When you feel good, you look good so its always a perfect opportunity to capture those moments when there’s a camera around snapping the mood.  See my my chilled looks on the go out with my new favorite items…



Gemaén Jordan Taylor



Gemaén Jordan Taylor



Faheem Patel, Gemaén Jordan Taylor


Gemaén Jordan Taylor


Gemaén Jordan Taylor




T-shirt – English Bloke (Facebook, English Bloke)

Cardo Pants: Woolworths

Red Sneakers: Adidas Tubular






T-shirt – English Bloke

White Skinny Jeans – Markhams

Sneakers – Nike Air High Tops



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