I attended the Strongbow media launch of Apple Ciders at Neighbourgoods Market in Braamfontein  which had a Nature Remix theme that had over 8000 paper butterflies to shower dwellings which was refreshing to see just like the refreshing taste of the ciders.


Like a cloudburst on a sunny day, the butterflies were unexpectedly released from a skyscraper above the crowd in what can best be described as a signature Strongbow stunt. With the belief that nature is the ultimate refreshment, Strongbow has embarked on a journey to stage innovative ways to use the refreshing beauty of nature to rejuvenate cities around the globe and refresh the people who live in them.


About Strongbow: “Strongbow is a natural apple cider made from real orchard apples.” says Marcel Swain, Strongbow’s marketing manager. “We’ve always believed nature is the ultimate refreshment, so to launch our brand in SA, we identified some of the most dramatic, inspiring, refreshing moments in nature and we remixed them to rejuvenate cities across the country. This is just the first”We are beyond excited to launch the World’s Favourite cider brand into the South African market,” he concludes. South Africans are looking for something exciting, something refreshing and something different – enter Strongbow.” .  #NatureRemix



Strongbow ® Not for Sale to Persons under the Age of 18. Enjoy Responsibly.


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