Author: Gemaén Jordan Taylor

I am Gemaén Jordan Taylor – Johannesburg City Boy! These are my views and how I see things through LIVING culture. Just like your ordinary 20something year old kid, I am fascinated by numerous aspects which include: youth lifestyle, entertainment, music, parties, events, fashion and style in an unorthodox unexplanatory way. Enough about me, more about US. I love sharing things I enjoy & interest me. “IT IS TAYLOR MADE” is for you and your views too, so bookmark this for your dose and you could share your thoughts on the comments section and voice your opinions too. Instagram: GemaenTaylor Twittter: GemaenTaylor Email:

Squad Summer Road Trip


IMG_6058Summer holidays are made of sunshine, lazy days and good times with your friends. What better way to create summer memories than a road trip with your squad. Especially in our beautiful country with so many destinations just a stone through away. (more…)

Summer Denim Trend


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Gemaén Jordan Taylor

Denim is always an easy fashion option but a hard choice for a hot summers day,  I was in Bali – Indonesia recently and the clothing + Items that I packed into my luggage was to make sure that I balance out my look for the weather but to still maintain my personal style for the day out. (more…)

Indonesia & Hong Kong Bday Getaway

Travel Diary – Bali, Indonesia & Hong Kong.

It was my birthday on the 9th of May and this year I decided to do something different than the usual dinner and crazy party night out that I’ve had every year in Johannesburg, South Africa. I decided to leave the continent for a different experience & it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. (more…)