Fabiani On The Road SS/15 Collection


On Thursday 10th September Fabiani, SA’s leading luxury menswear brand, hosted their eagerly awaited Spring/Summer 2015 event in partnership with Chivas at Crossley & Webb, Cape Town’s destination of choice for classic and collectible cars.

Fashion Producer Deon Redman and the Fabiani team worked their magic to create a fashion experience that few will forget.  Striking male models entered the venue in a blaze of head turning glory before entering a glassed box, used for storing collectable cars, posing as they were raised on a platform above the crowd. Guests assumed the role of fashion photographers – forming a paparazzi style crowd around the installation. Models later broke up into groups and gathered around the various cars to create live fashion installations that allowed guests view the collection up close.

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A Fabiani pop up shop offering a carefully curated selection of product from pocket squares and Happy Socks to signature Fabiani polo’s and branded caps, went down a treat, with guests shopping late into the night.


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BSLRVPHxjBH5OBEQMU25HDwSCmPmkvTrS4fRtiRvCx8 nFqJqs9M_tm3SOIwjis7Yu2OebZ08MDkrxZG_iss5yM

The Fabiani Collection is exclusively available at Fabiani stores.

Thank you  GIRL ABOUT TOWN for the images.


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