Winter Fashion & Trends by Gemaén Jordan Taylor

Winter Essentials & Style 2015


Winter is the best time in fashion for men, it’s easier to put something together by keeping it simple without doing too much or trying to hard and still look stylishly on point.

Pieces purchased for fall are always in trend as it has a class to it like your wide brimmed fedora hats that could be worn anytime throughout  the year, scarfs, long-sleeve sweaters, polar necks, cardigans, jackets, trench coats, leathers and denims with lucifer boots or more cleaner prestine boots.

Colors to rock and no hassle of putting a look together this fall are grey, black, pastels – beige and denims and layering.

Here are some put together shots to look from:



Gemaen Jordan Taylor in a wide brim hat with an over sized brim hat and layered with a pastel beige scarf. Shot by Trevor Stuurman


Gemaen Jordan Taylor


Gemaen Jordan Taylor









Wide brimmed Fedora hats, Wear it with your favorite heavyweight blazer (think tweed or wool) or long sleeve sweaters




Polar necks, leather.


When you look good, you feel good….


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