Last week was something new for ItIsTaylorMade… I attended an Art Gallery, which I was invited to by a friend who was showcasing her art along with other 3rd Year Art Students. It took place at FADA Gallery, Bunting Road Campus in Auckland Park.

As open minded as I am I did not expect myself to enjoy looking at art or find more interest in it, but to my surprise, that changed! Looking at peoples work and how they live their life through their art and how they turn their life experiences into a beautiful painting/sculpture is pretty dope, and now I have more appreciation for ART and for those who create through their life experiences and inspirations.


1st Artist: Tamara Barns the beautiful girl in the picture on the right

Her work is about 3 generations of women. She built a sculpture out of 10 doors that metaphorically represents her family history, memory, stigma and also trauma. The trauma portrayed is the hidden link that has flowed through each generation from her grandmother to herself, and that hidden trauma happens to be abuse.

2nd Artist: Zanele Mashini. Her work deals with her traditional take on brides and how women are expected to be prized livestock. She uses herself as an example being half of two different cultures. She also painted a self portrait wearing traditional clothing mixed with modern clothing.

3rd Artist: Michael Peterson, is also a painter. His work grapples with the coloured culture. He has an extremely powerful way of painting and portraying his message. His work is a copulation of combined realism and graffiti which makes the work contemporary and old at the same time. He uses tongue and cheek with his choice of words into his paintings, speaking mainly in “kombuis engels”, which is what coloured people are known for speaking.

There were more talented artists showcasing like Siani Michelle and Chelsea Rowley.

See more images from event below:


Gemaén Jordan Taylor

02 03 04 05 06 07 09 10




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